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12 Best 8×8 Bathroom Layout

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Bathroom Layout – Determining the layout of space and bedroom may not be a big problem. This is because the living room and bedroom have stand-alone furniture. The furniture used in the living room and bedroom is easily changed so this can allow you to change the layout.

But, what about the layout of the bathroom space? You may have difficulty in determining the layout of the bathroom. Because the furniture used for the bathroom can not stand alone and then you have to determine the proper bathroom layout from the beginning. You may only be able to add new accessories to update the view.

In order to create a comfortable bathroom, then you need some steps in determining the layout of the bathroom. The first step is that you can draw the layout of the basic space layout you want. On the floor of the bathroom layout plan, you still have to mark all the fixed features of the bathroom, such as doors and windows. After that, you should also determine the location of bathroom furniture. So do not get stuck with one position only. You should try different positions until you get the right position.

You can set the sanitary and bathroom furniture to the right so as to obtain the maximum bathroom layout. Some furniture can be put into one area, such as a bathtub, or sink and bathroom cabinet. You can install toilets in certain areas.

The following picture collection is an 8×8 bathroom layout :

8x8 bathroom layout

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