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49 Grey Bathroom Ideas

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Grey Bathroom Ideas – When going to renovate or design a bathroom, there are many features that can be considered in addition to the budget. A budget is important but more important is to decide what you have in the bathroom to feel comfortable.

There is a great selection of bathtubs. The standard, concave, or Jacuzzi style model can be your choice

There are various options for the shower as to whether to separate from the tub or not and whether to be coated with a glass wall or not

luxurious bathroom is of course larger. You may have to give up more space to get the bathroom you want.

Some people prefer the toilets that are separate from the bathroom and some prefer the one together for more practical reasons.

Spa features
Do you need a sauna or hot tub? You may be able to make a special sauna in your own bathroom. Surely it would be nice if you had one at home.

Lighting can be very influential on the atmosphere of the bathroom. You can try bright lighting to create a modern impression or a slightly dim lighting to create an elegant and classic impression.

Air circulation will be very good for your bathroom. By making windows you can also save on the use of lights during the day.

If you have a small bathroom, you can use the mirror as a trick to make your room look more spacious.

The following gray bathroom ideas can be one of your alternatives in designing a luxurious and comfortable bathroom

grey bathroom ideas

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