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Steps To Remodel A Bathroom

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Steps To Remodel A Bathroom – Your bathroom makeover is a fairly easy way to spruce up your home. But before you start taking measurements for a brand-new Jacuzzi, you should take the time to pre-plan your bathroom remodel step-by-step so that you know just what you’re stepping into.

Inquisitive about how precisely to remodel your bathrooms? Take a look at our step-by-step guide below to figure away the best way to tackle your bathroom redesign.

Step #1: Bathroom Demolition

master-bathroom-demolition-step to remodel bathroom

Step 1 is the fun part. This is mostly of the domestic activities where its totally okay to take a sledgehammer and start putting holes in your home. Tired of that old particleboard case that never closes properly? Time to make kindling. Sick of that calcium green tiling in the shower? Its putrid lifestyle is at a finish off! Its not only fun, but stress-relieving; as long as you notified your significant other beforehand.

Bathroom Demolition Break down:

  • Begin by draining and taking away the toilet, as to avoid any unpleasant splatters.
  • Next, cover the bath and start removing the tile down to the studs. This is necessary as a way to rework the plumbing to suit your new shower/tub design.
  • Take away the insulation from your wall surfaces where necessary. Do not use a hammer on insulation, instead use a reciprocating saw to lower out the panels. A safety mask, gloves, and goggles are a need.
  • Finally, remove cabinets, vanities, mirrors, floor tiles, and some other features you plan to replace.

One of the better bathroom remodeling tips anyone can give is to rent a dumpster for the toilet demo. Without one you may stuck with several hundred pounds of what used to be a fully furnished bathroom.

Stage #2: Installing the Bathe

installing the bathe on step to remodel bathroom
After you have demolished your bathroom, its time for you to draw a bath. On a plan. You’ll want to decide on a shower pan or tub basin that matches your new decor, as well as the space where your current tub sits. In conditions of shapes, you generally have three choices:

  • Rectangular
  • Block
  • Pentangle (base with one corner cut off)

The base you choose will determine the layout of your bathrooms, so be certain to measure out your chosen base and consideration for the rest of the features in your bathroom (including the location of the door). You could also consider setting up a blend shower and bathroom tub if you have space.

At this point, you should also be fixing the drains of your tub to make certain they line up with your new shower/tub. This process should also include exchanging your shower subfloor when there is any sign of decaying wood or water destruction.

Step #3: Make Modifications for brand spanking new Fixtures & Features
New Fixtures & Features on step to remodel a bathroom
After you have picked out your new vanity and units, you’ll need to make adjustments in order to accommodate their new proportions. For the most part, that means moving your GFCI’s and other electrical power outlets so that they get in line with your new vanity and cabinets.

Following all, you don’t want to reach down next to the toilet in order to plug in your hair dryer. Its also wise to modify your plumbing if your new sink requires modifications or alterations to the current pipework.

Step #4: Take a nap Your New Ground Tiles
floor tiles on step to remodel a bathroom
Use reference lines to keep your floor tiles straight and neat.
A bathroom makeover is not complete without some fancy new floor tiles. After you have made the proper adjustments to your electrical and plumbing related, its time for you to lay down some fresh tile.

Nevertheless before you start milling away with the grouting, be certain to establish top to bottom reference using mason’s chalk lines operating perpendicular (90-degree angle) from the wall membrane with the longest constant line. This permits you to keep your tiles in a straight line, staying away from the dreaded crooked tiling job.

Step #5: Cling Drywall & Get Art work
Hang Drywall & Get Painting on step to remodel a bathroom
Now your bathroom transformation is starting to take shape. The next period is to hang your new drywall. This is often a time consuming process as you have to custom fit new drywall to fit around your brand-new vanities and room layout. But once you start nailing up the boards you should be able to start out moving quickly. Important tips here include:

Cement board isn’t very waterproof, but it is immune to moisture and dries quickly.

  • Use drywall off-road and tape to cover seams and fill in gaps.
  • Use cement panel rather than drywall for the shower/tub wall.
  • Coat the cement board with Redgard or another waterproofing membrane layer to guard against drinking water damage.

After you have put your walls back again you can start adding some color to your bathroom. It is best to use paint with a semi-gloss finish that is mildew and mold immune.

And while you’re focusing on your walls, now is the time to get started on re-tiling your shower and tub area. Here’s a few convenient tips to follow when tiling your bathroom shower.

Stage #6: Install the Mirror and Other Niceties
installing mirror on step to remodel a bathroom

Today we’re cooking! After you might have taken care of them and finished installing any new lights, its time for you to install your fancy new vanity and all the other accoutrements befitting a bathroom.

The first thing you want to mount is the vanity, including the sink and touch. Once you have the drain connected to the faucet, you can move on to the other essentials including the mirror, cupboards, and the trim about the shower or tub.

Stage #7: Finishing Touches

Finishing Touches step to remodel a bathroom

Right now your bathrooms actually appears like a bathroom, apart from one thing: the toilet. In fact, you can install the toilet earlier in the process, but leaving it as the last item to install helps avoid chipping it while working on other areas of the restroom. If you not necessarily quite sure how to install a toilet, Lowe’s has a great show you can follow.

If your new bathroom looks even half as good as this, your time will have been well put in. The last finishing touch is installing the trim about the room and mirrors. The trim is the capstone for each and every bathroom remodel as it provides the previous little detail your bathroom needs to feel complete. But of course, the real last step in any bathroom makeover is to draw an excellent hot bath for yourself after your hard work. You deserve it.

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